Raising Sweet, Beautiful, and Healthy Babies

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have two 7 week old males available and I will not be making reservations for new babies until these two boys find a home. If you are interested in adopting these sweet boys please let me know.

I am a rattery in the Los Angeles area, more specifically Long Beach, established in September of 2010 providing quality rats. Specializing in Siamese, Burmese, Dwarf, and Roan. I only work with rats that have wonderful temperaments and I assess every individual rat before placing them in my breeding program. All of my rats are handled daily from the day they are born. I treat them all as if they were my own babies. I love my rats and am totally dedicated to providing quality pets to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

We have quite a few babies available and we will be taking a break from pairings, until all of the current babies are adopted. Please do not ask to be on the waiting list if you do not intend to adopt! - 07/27/2014

Email: theratcaverattery@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/theratcaverattery