Retired Breeders

The Girls

RH Queen Of The Sea Of TRCR

Pet Name: Aliikai

Personality: Will be assessed when she arrives.

Type: Russian Blue Burmese Teddy Rex Dumbo 


Status: Retired - 3 litters

Birthday: 6/16/2013


Pet Name: 

Personality: Super calm and gentle girl.

Type: Black Eyed Siamese Rex Dwarf


Status: Retired - 1 litter

Birthday: 11/02/2012

AL Dalmatian of TRCR

Pet Name: 

Personality: Kissy girl from a long line of lovey dovey's

Type: Black Dalmation

Carries: Blue, possibly tailless

Status: Retired - 3 litters

Birthday:  9/2013

BFF Lilac of TRCR

Pet Name:

Personality: Licky and pliable.

Type: Silvered Lilac

Carries: Unknown

Status: Retired - 1 litter

Birthday: 02/15/2014 

STWR Star light, Star Bright TRCR

Personality: Such a sweet heart. A bit of an attention whore :) (excuse my french)

Type: Agouti Roan Dumbo

Carries:  Possibly Russian Blue

Status: Retired - 2 litters

Birthday:  7/2/2013

The Boys

TRCR Ferret

Pet Name:

Personality: Always comes to the door to greet me such a sweetie. 

Type: Black eyed Siamese Rex

Carries:  Russian Blue

Status: Retired - 2 litters

Birthday: 1/4/2014

DCR Hallo Spaceboy of TRCR

Pet name: Hallo

Personality: A bit reserved, but very gentle.

Type: Black Eyed Siamese

Carries: None

Status: Deceased - 2 litters.