The Nursery

We are BACK! in Chicago. Please contact us or send in applications only if you are in the Chicago area or willing to travel. Thank you! - 3/2/2016

Upcoming Litters 

JRPR Russian Blue Satin x JRPR Black Berkshire - Expecting 50% Satin 50% Standard Fur. Russian Blue, black, mink and dove possible

JRPR Russian Blue Satin x TRCR Black Roan Carrier - Expecting all black standard fur and ears.

JRPR Russian Blue Satin x TRCR Russian Silver Blaze - Expecting all Russian Blue standard fur and standard ears.

Current Available Rats

Lots on the way!

Current Litters

Past Litters

Kahlua x Gucci

Rescue Cinnamon 4/14/2011 -All gone home!

Starshine x Blaze 4/30/2011 -all boys! All gone home!

Bacardi x Blaze 5/25/2011 - 2 boys 3 girls, All gone home!

Willow x Basil  6/9/2011 - 8 girls 7 boys, All gone home!

Jewel x Ace 6/17/2011 -5 girls 6 boys, All gone home!

Smolder x Spark 12/21/2011 - 4 girls 4 boys, All gone home!

Spark x Smolder (rebreed) 03/31/2012 -2 boys 2 girls, all babies have gone to forever homes!

Jeanette x Theo 5/14/2012- 8 boys 4 girls, All babies have gone to their forever homes.

Queen of the Sea x Hallo Spaceboy - 01/04/2014 4 males and 1 female, everyone is reserved.

Calm Waters x Ocean Wave - 01/04/2014 9 males and 6 females, All Reserved!

AL Dalmatian x On the Rocks - 2/12/2014 6 girls 1 boy, All Gone homes

Star Light, Star Bright x Under Silence - 2/4/2014 9 girls 1 boy, all reserved!

Queen of the Sea x Ferret - 5/9/2014 All have gone home!

AL Dalmatian x RH On The Rocks - 5/13/2014 All gone home!

RRR Black Dwarf x RH On The Rocks - 5/11/2014 All gone home!

STWR Star Light, Star Bright x Stud from AL - 5/26/2014 All gone home!

TRCR Eclair Au Chocolat x RH Ocean Wave - 6/6/2014 All gone home!

BFF Lilac x Beige Frost of TRCR - Born 8/9/2014 2 females, All Reserved!

RH Shaken Not Stirred x TRCR Blueberry Tart - Born 07-27-2014 - All Reserved!

TRCR Dwarf Carrier x RH On The Rocks - Born 8/5/2014 All gone home!

RH Queen of the Sea x TRCR Blueberry Tart - Born 8/12/2014 All gone home!

AL Dalmatian x BFF Dalmatian Manx - Born 8/15/2014 6 females 2 males, All reserved!

TRCR Eclair Au Chocolat x TRCR Ferret - Born 9/13/2014 1 female 5 males, All gone home!

BFF Manx Carrier x BFF Dalmation Manx - Born 9/18/2014 5 females, All gone home!

RH Shaken, Not Stirred x RH Ocean Wave - Born 10/06/2014 8 females 3 males, All reserved!

Adoption Policies

  • I only adopt in pairs, unless you can prove you have a little ratty friend for them at home.
  • Rats are PETS ONLY. I do not adopt as feeders.
  • I do require a $10 deposit on all reserved rats. Deposit will go towards final adoption fee.
  • Adoption fees are as follows: Standard Size Rats: $30 each
  • If you are a breeder please be ready to establish a relationship with me before adopting stock. I do not adopt to other ratteries very often.
  • If you adopt rats from me they are PETS ONLY, unless previously discussed. The rats adopted from me should NOT be bred. Adopter must take all precaution to avoid an intentional or accidental breeding. If an accidental breeding does occur I MUST be contacted and the rats MUST be returned to me. No questions asked.
  • If you are ever no longer able to care for the rats I have adopted to you please contact me. I will be willing to take them back or find them a new home. DO NOT SURRENDER THEM TO A SHELTER OR ADOPT THEM OUT ON YOUR OWN. I need to be aware of where my rats are going and who they are going to. 
  • Adopters must stay in touch with me through out the rat's life to update me on health and temperament. To be able to produce the best rats possible I need to keep track of everyone. 
  • Adopters must be 18 years or older, if not I will need to speak with a parent or guardian.
  • Pedigrees are available upon request.
  • I will ALWAYS get first pick of the litter.
  • All reservations are tentative. I may have to switch rats around or keep the you wanted. Please be aware of this and ready to be flexible.