"Hey Emily, thanks for the babies! They are so well-socialized! Last night the blue boy just sat there, letting me pet him, and he started bruxing and boggling! I've never seen such immediately friendly babies. Though I'm good with three right now, if I ever want to broaden my colony numbers, you will definitely be the one I go to! The Rat Cave rocks! :-)"  - Lauren

"We got three babies from Emily, and they couldn't be sweeter! We drove hours to get them and they slept on me, bruxing, the whole way home! One of them especially is the kissiest rat I've ever come in contact with! She contributed wonderful, awesome-tempered rats to our family! We love them SO much, and intend to get more ratties from her in the future! The Rat Cave is producing fantastic ratty friends! Thank you so much!" -Taylor & Nick

"I got a female rex baby from Emily. Emily was very helpful with setting up a meeting close to my house, so that I did not have to drive far to pick the baby up. The rat is extremely sweet and healthy. She was cleared by my veterinarian.  I left the baby with a friend, while I was on vacation and the rat's fantastic personally won them over. They are now rat lovers and would consider getting their own. I do plan to get more babies from Emily in the future."  -Breanna

I was on the lookout for a new little rattie companion for myself (and cage-mate for my son's rat after the passing of her sister, who had been mine), and my search led me to Emily, who had a little rescue case girl who sounded to be just who I was looking for. Edelweiss is such a dear! Her sweet, cuddly temperament is a testimony to the loving care she received in Emily's hands. She's bright, fun, and could sit hunkered comfortably and happily on my shoulder all day if I let her! Gosh I love her; she's great company, and it's such a pick-me-up to have such a willing cuddle monster in the evenings after a hectic day, or have her as my little shoulder warmer while doing mundane dishes or paperwork.
And as for Emily, we've kept in good touch since I brought Edelweiss home, and she's been a quick source of sage assistance whenever I've needed help in the rattie department: when my son's rattie, Aardvark, lost a toenail (bringing on a mess of bleeding), Emily instantly messaged me advice on how to administer first aid and get little 'Aardvark' (my son named her) pepped back up and well again. When my youngest son was ready for a rat of his own, Emily quickly pointed us in the direction of a nearby contact of hers who had somebody perfect immediately available for him. I'm so thankful to have her around as a wise source of guidance whenever I have a rattie question or need. Like I said, Edelweiss's excellent personality showcases how well the rats in her care are loved and equipped well to be trusting, affectionate little companions, and her quick and sound advice (immediately!) whenever I need it is testament to how well she knows her stuff and cares deeply about the well-being of these dear little furbuddies. Thank you, Emily, for my sweet little Edelweiss, and just as importantly, for being the pillar of support that you've been whenever our need for a little direction arose." - Annette


"Hello, it's Shelby. I adopted two male rats from Star Light, Star Bright's litter back in May. It's been a while, so I thought I should let you know that they're doing great. I've named the agouti rat Nigel and the black rat Sebastian. I can't tell you how happy I am with them. They've grown up to be very sweet. They have never bitten me (I love my dogs, but I can't say the same for them), and they love to ride around and sleep on my shoulders. I'd buy a hundred more if I could." - Shelby

"I just wanted to thank you for finding me my two boys. They are doing great and becoming quite social-able. AND after only 2 days are almost litter trained! you guys are great!" -Janelle