Planned Litters 



Future Thoughts


STWR Star Light, Star Bright of TRCR x DCR Under Silence of TRCR

This will be my first roan litter! It will be to move towards black roans. It will also be to produce roans that carry UK cinnamon so I can continue to produce this beautiful color. Both of these rats have wonderful conformation and temperament and should produce amazing babies. Expecting 100% Roan in Agouti, black is possible. 100% Dumbo. 100% Standard Coats.

Paired 01/02/2014

RH Imported Bubbly of TRCR x RH On the Rocks of TRCR 

This will be my first dwarf litter! I would like to produce a black based dwarf to try and work away from a solely agouti based line. I would also like to produce more Russian Cinnamon and produce rats that all carry American Blue to be able to produce American Blue Dwarfs. Expecting any combination of Russian Blue, Mink, and American Blue in Agouti based and black based colors. 100% dumbo, 100% dwarf. Small chance of blazing

Paired 01/16/2014


RH Shaken Not Stirred of TRCR x RH On The Rocks of TRCR

This litter will be to produce dwarfs and dwarf carriers that are not Mink/Cinnamon. Hoping to produce more dwarf carrier females. Expecting 50% dwarf 50% Standard size, 50% dumbo 50% top ear, any combination of Russian Blue, American Blue, and Mink in Agouti and Black based.  

Will be paired 4/8/2014

RH Bonnie-Blu of TRCR x RH Ocean Wave of TRCR

Now that we know Ocean Wave Carries American Blue and is a great producer (15 babies in his last litter woah!) I have decided to try this pair. All other pairings with miss Bonnie haven't been successful so this is my last ditch effort to get some babies out of her! Expecting 50% Dumbo, 100% standard coat in American Blue, Siamese, Burmese, and Black.

Failed Pairing


RH Queen Of The Sea of TRCR x TRCR BES Rex 
This litter will be a follow up to the previous burmese litter. It will be to produce another (hopefully sable) Burmese female, and to continue to move foward with the wonderful line Tony has produced. Expecting 50% Russian Blue based Burmese and siamese, and 50% Seal Point Burmese and Siamese. 50% Dumbo 25% Double Rex 50% Teddy Rex 25% Standard fur.

Will be paired 4/8/2014

DCR Absolut Mandarin Colada of TRCR x RH Ocean Wave of TRCR

Paired 4/2/2014