Planned Litters 



 RAMR Beauty and the Beach TRCR x RAMR Master Za Zen of TRCR

Litter was born 6/18/2013. One of the little girls was missing an eye so this line has been discontinued.

 TRD Little Ray of Sunshine of TRCR x TRD Calm Before the Storm of TRCR

LItter was paired 8/21/2013

This litter is to hopefully produce a standard coat for the line, as well as work on ear shape. Should be nice big babies with a very calm and loving temperament. Expecting 25% Double Velveteen, 50% Velveteen, 25% Standard Coat. 100% Dumbo. 50%Burmese, 25% Black Eyed Siamese, and 25% Red Eyed Siamese. All babies will be self.

DCR Absolut Mandarin Colada of TRCR x DCR Starman of TRCR

To be paired 10/19/2013

Miscarriage on 11/10/2013, Will be repaired 11/31/2013

This litter is to start introducing dwarf into the color-point line. It is also to produce black eyed Siamese and black eyed Himalayan hopefully in homozygous form. The male has incredible conformation and I would like to pass that on to his children. Expecting 50% Siamese, 50% Himilayan. 75% will be black eyed. 100% top ear and standard coated. All babies should be self.

RH Bonnie-Blu of TRCR x DCR Starman of TRCR

Paired 11/11/2013

This litter is to introduce American blue and Dwarf to my color-point line. I will attempt to pull the satin and dumbo out of Bonnie's line. It is also to improve comformation. Expecting 25% Siamese and 75% Black. 100% top ear and standard coat

These will be the final litters of 2013

Future Thoughts