Shaded and Fading Genes

Himilayan - This type is produced when a rat has one copy of the Siamese gene and one copy of the Albino gene. They are similar to Siamese as they have points, but they are not as extensive or dark as a Siamese points would be. Eyes can be red or black.

Roan - This shading gene can come in any color, but the majority are in darker colors as the fading is more obvious. This gene is always accompanied by some sort of blaze marking. Rats are born a solid color and slowly white hairs are intermixed with the color and by the end of the rats life they are usually almost completely white. 

Siamese -  This is another color modifying gene. The rats are generally a pale cream color with the original color shaded on the nose, rear, feet and ears. Eyes can be black or red.

Burmese - Burmese is a gene that modifies the siamese gene. It will only present on a rat that is homozygous for Siamese. Colors can range widely depending on what color is under the siamese.  Eyes are black.

Wheaten Burmese Picture

Seal Point Burmese Picture

Russian Blue Burmese Picture

Sable Burmese Picture 

Chinchilla - Chinchilla is a shading gene that will only effect an agouti based rat. It removes all yellow pigment from the fur over the rats lifetime. It is also usually accompanied by a blaze or head spot. This gene can come in full or half.


Russian Blue Agouti Chinchilla (Squirrel) Picture

Agouti Chinchilla (Chinchilla) Picture

Cinnamon Chinchilla (Rose Grey) Picture

Silver Fawn Chinchilla (argente cream) Picture